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Specializing in wilderness searches, the nonprofit Dog's Raven Search Team was established in December 2006. Services are free to requesting agencies, with priority given to lost children and seniors. We do not search for criminals,or adult evasives (healthy adults who do not want to be found).

•As a nonprofit, Dog's Raven relies on donations to offset search expenses and rescue related costs.
•Qualifications include EMS training, CPR, SAR backup liaison and crime scene preservation training.
•Certified with the Mountain Wind Sheriff's Department, the team is operational in:
   Tracking (Like a bloodhound) and Air Scenting for Area Searches

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The Official 'Dog's Raven Search Team' Web Site http://www.DogsRaven.net is supported by the upcoming series:    'Search Dog's Raven™'  The Real Life Animated Adventures of a Wilderness Search Dog Team.

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